Pork Farms Bowyers has teamed up with Cathedral City and Branston to give a new branded twist to a lunchtime favourite.
The new 120g Pork Farms Ploughman’s Snack Pack contains a snack-size Pork Farms pork pie together with portions of Cathedral City mature cheddar and Branston pickle.
Launched on July 12, the Snack Pack is likely to retail at about £1.89 and follows on from Dip & Go - a pack of five Cathedral City mature cheddar sticks with a Branston pickle dip, which was rolled out last month following a successful trial in Tesco (The Grocer, May 1, p61). Pork Farms Bowyers’
marketing director, Gary Johnston, said the Snack Pack would offer an exciting alternative to sandwiches and other quick eating options.
“Pork pies are extremely popular and generally enjoyed with accompaniments like cheese and pickle.
“In this fast-paced world, consumers have less time to prepare and enjoy meals and are looking for tasty, substantial, and easy-to-eat alternatives,” Johnston added.