Pork Farms is making its debut in hot pies and adding a premium pork pie to its range in the first stage of a strategy to triple growth in chilled savoury pastries.

This month it is launching two individual 250g pies, in chicken & mushroom and steak variants, which will be followed in January by three 600g family pies in steak with gravy, chicken & mushroom and minced beef & onion.

The premium Exhibition pork pie is made from cured pork and aims for a home-made appearance. It comes wrapped in parchment in a 454g format or in a six-pack.

Revamped packaging is being rolled out across the Pork Farms portfolio.

Next year the company has identified lunchboxes and on-the-go snacking as its main NPD focus.

Marketing controller David Young said: "There are lots of opportunities. Pot desserts and yoghurt drinks have different packaging and options for a range of occasions. The challenge is to do this in chilled savoury pastries too."