Bpex has launched a consumer-facing website aimed at making pigmeat labels clearer for shoppers.

The website, www.porkprovenance.co.uk is designed to educate consumers on the different pig production methods and how they can expect those methods to be communicated on pack. It also contains a copy of the code of practice for pork labelling drawn up by the Pig Meat Supply Chain Task Force earlier this year.

The site contained the list of signatories to the code, said Bpex director Mick Sloyan. "As a voluntary initiative, the code will be self-policing, but by openly listing supporters, we are confident all those companies that sign up will be fully compliant."

Provenance may not be the first thing that consumers looked for but was high on the agenda after price and freshness, added Sloyan. Signatories have until the end of this year to ensure full compliance.