The Portman Group today reissued its call for retailers to strip their shelves of the controversial Laverstoke Park Farm Ale and Lager products, in the latest move in its extraordinary battle with the company’s owner Jody Scheckter.

The Retailer Alert Bulletin asks retailers not to place orders for the products in their current packaging after 17 May 2013.

As The Grocer has been covering since the case emerged in October, Portman claims the product labels breached alcohol responsibility rules for featuring drawings that had particular appeal to young children and were therefore inappropriate for marketing alcoholic drinks.

A previous bulletin was suspended pending an appeal to the High Court by the former F1 star, whose son’s cartoon drawing on the labels is the focus of the ruling.

“Before you start marketing alcohol in the UK, you must carry out due diligence checks to ensure that your products and packaging are acceptable and responsible – this saves significant time and costs in the long run,” said Henry Ashworth, chief executive of the Portman Group

“There has been a clear ruling by an experienced High Court judge rejecting Laverstoke’s challenge,” he added.