A vodka-based test tube product is being pulled off shelves after the Portman Group ruled it promoted irresponsible consumption and inappropriate behaviour.

The drinks body claimed Rampant TT’s packaging encouraged down-in-one consumption and that its publicity suggested drinking the product would lead to sexual success.

Portman also said the Rampant TT website breached its code of conduct by showing young consumers drunk, including a woman holding up a sign stating: “I’m off my tits.”

Manufacturer 247 Enterprises will have to repackage and remarket Rampant TT before it will be allowed back onto store shelves, pubs and clubs.

“This company has shown a profound disregard for the industry’s responsibility standards,” said Portman chief executive David Poley.

“It’s totally unacceptable to publicise some of the worst aspects of consumer behaviour in alcohol promotions. This type of dubious marketing could worsen the drinking culture and invites criticism of the industry.”