British poultry suppliers have accused their overseas rivals of operating to poor standards in the wake of a damning survey from the Food Standards Agency. The FSA found that more than one third of frozen whole chickens had a water content well over the EU limit of 7%. Deputy chairman Suzi Leather said: "The bottom line is that in too many cases, consumers are paying for water when they should be paying for chicken." The British Poultry Meat Federation said the survey confirmed UK poultry does not contain added water and complies with EU regulations. BPMF chief executive Peter Bradnock said the survey "highlighted the serious problem of very high added water in some imported chicken breast meat" and an "apparent failure to label this properly" in some shops. The BPMF claims exporters to the EU are actually encouraged to add water and salt to secure a lower tariff. The FSA is now pushing for changes in EU procedures to ensure better labelling. {{NEWS }}