Fresh turkey sales soar Rolls and roasts were the star performers in the turkey market last Christmas with a 20% share of sales according to the British Turkey Information Service. But BTIS stresses that Taylor Nelson Sofres data shows the trend for convenience is emerging for the meat all the year round, with consumers finding convenient cuts suited to a wide variety of meal occasions. Fresh turkey meat made up 45% of turkey sales in 2001 compared to 30% in 1999 [TN Sofres]. Whole birds (fresh and frozen) held a 75% share of the total turkey market in 2001. Consistent with 2000, turkey meat retained a significant share of the poultry meat market ­ nearly 30%. Paul Sheppard, chairman of the British Turkey Federation's publicity and marketing committee said: "Steaks and mince are set to be popular this year as consumers recognise their versatility and ease of use." {{MEAT }}