Shoppers receptive' Consumer attitudes to chicken are more favourable than is commonly believed, according to research by Grampian Country Foods. Shoppers regard chicken as good food, and its image as a bland, intensively produced commodity is not a barrier against value enhacement, Grampian claims. The company has released details of its research to explain the decision to invest heavily ­ some £3m in the first year ­ in brand building for fresh portions and whole birds. Feedback ahead of the major TV ad campaign beginning in Scotland on Monday (Sept 3) indicates shoppers are receptive to the concept of stronger producer identity at retail level. Grampian claims it has demonstrated an 11% swing to the brand in early tests. Consumers want more choice of pack size, says Grampian. It reckons it can create a price premium of 10%. "We're looking at supplying the middle market, the mass market ­ we don't want to tie ourselves into any particular niche." {{M/E MEAT }}