Poundworld shoppers in Bristol reacted angrily after the discounter started stocking remote-control helicopters - but charged £14.99 rather than a pound.

One shopper complained that signs above the door reading ‘Everything £1’ meant the price was “clearly a breach [of price-promise] and misleading.”

The shopper also contacted Bristol Trading Standards to complain about the deal. But a Trading Standards spokeswoman told The Grocer: “As long the goods are clearly labelled with the correct price, that is fine.”

And Poundworld was quick to defend the offer. “Our Bristol store recently ran two Manager’s Special offers on products not usually available in-store,” said trading director Chris Edwards Jnr. “These items were accompanied by point of sale materials, making it very clear to our shoppers that they were one-off deals. This was an ad hoc promotion and does not affect our brand strategy as a single price retailer.”

But Poundland CEO Jim McCarthy claimed Poundworld was using this type of deal more regularly. “It has done these sort of things for the past two or three years in the run up to Christmas,” he said. “It’s something we tried once in 2007 but it caused chaos. We like the clarity of one price - and our customers have confidence in the single price point.”

Not all Bristol bargain-hunters were unhappy. One said: “At the end of the day, the stack of helicopters clearly state they are £14.99 not a quid.”