Gillette is boosting its Mach3 blades and razors with a five month £4.3m marketing campaign aimed at young men. TV advertising ­ which also features the Gillette Arctic Ice logo ­ kicks off on August 14 for seven weeks. It is followed by a four week national radio campaign and print advertising running until the end of the year across style, health, hi-tech and sports titles. Football hero Ally McCoist appears in advertorials in men's titles talking about "close shaves". The campaign includes poster ads, a door drop to 300,000 18 year old males, and two bursts of two weeks on TV to round off the year. The "get them young" philosophy seems to be paying dividends for Mach3. Launched in 1998, Gillette claims it now has a 25.5% share of the blades and razors market. {{P&P }}