A new breed of all-natural energy boosts is hoping to challenge the likes of Red Bull and Relentless. Powershot is a range of 10ml energy shots made of ginseng, honey and spring water that claims to boost the immune system as well as energy levels. It comes in a small bottle, rsp £1.99 for a two-pack, and consumers have to pierce the lid with a straw before sucking out the liquid.

The producer claims that, unlike other energy drinks, the shots contain no caffeine or taurine stimulants and are only seven calories each.

“Apathy towards chemical-based energy drinks is increasing and consumers are looking for a natural, smaller source of energy,” said Powershot chief executive Ray Rohrbach.

Powershot was launched in Denmark four years ago, and sold more than a million units across Europe last year. The company is putting £1.2m behind the UK launch.