Welsh Cheddar Cadog Export is being launched into the rest of the UK later this month.

The premium brand, a True Taste Wales Gold Award winner, will continue to play on its Welsh provenance, keeping its distinctive Celtic branding and bilingual packaging when it expands into England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The range, produced at co-operative-owned Dairy Farmers of Britain's Llandyrnog creamery in north Wales, includes Mild, Medium, Mature and Vintage Cheddar varieties, which are matured for a minimum of three months and made using a Welsh recipe. It will be available in 200g and 400g packs.

"Cadog is the number-one cheese in Wales and we are aiming for similar success across the rest of the UK," said commercial director David Potts.

The brand has achieved sales in excess of £3m over the past year, according to the company.