Thatchers, the Somerset-based producer of premium ciders, has branched out into the perry market. Thatchers Perry (rsp £2.29 for 75cl) targets the female market, providing a premium alternative to the market-leading Lambrini perry brand.
“At the moment there is no real premium offering for the perry market, and we wanted to follow on from our success in the premium cider market,” said MD Martin Thatcher.
The drink is made from just one type of pear, English Conference, linking it to Thatchers’ single orchard ciders, launched earlier this year.
“We aim to combine tradition and heritage with modern principles,” said Thatcher, who is the fourth-generation Thatcher to work at the company.
The bottle is designed to look modern and elegant, he said, while the perry and ciders follow the original recipes started by his great grandfather in the early 1900s.