Consumer interest in ethical shopping and a desire for better-tasting products have boosted the premium pork sector.

According to a survey by the British Pig Executive, meat is the most-purchased premium product with 34% of respondents buying from premium ranges compared with 19% for ready meals and 12% for veg.

Consumption of premium red meat has tripled from 30 million meal occasions in 2004 to 100 million. Pork chops and steaks are the most popular for shoppers to spend more on.

Country of origin was also important to shoppers with 70% saying they would be prepared to pay more for products labelled "British".

More than 60% also buy premium cooked meats, while 48% buy premium fresh bacon and 46% premium fresh pork.

The survey, The Future for Premiumisation, identified two groups - 'foodies' and 'fuellies'. Foodies are driven by taste or ethics, while fuellies are likely to focus on value.