Cidermaker HP Bulmer has followed a disastrous trading performance and admitted it had made a "ghastly mistake" in a promotional campaign that appeared to endorse football hooliganism.
The owner of the Strongbow and Scrumpy Jack brands said a marketing executive in the US dreamt up the idea of drink mats with the slogan, "Strongbow - helping fuel soccer riots for almost 40 years".
Bulmer's PR manager George Thomas said as soon as the campaign was discovered staff were dispatched from the company's Florida office to retrieve the offending mats.
This happened 18 months ago but some mats had "slipped through the net", and one was discovered recently by a British tourist.

Andrew Regan, the entrepreneur who headed the Hobson food group and who faces allegations of stealing funds to pay supply contract bribes, will face a fresh trial on July 14, reported the Financial Times.

A man whose £23,000 Land Rover was confiscated by Customs officers because he tried to import 10,000 cigarettes and 32kg of rolling tobacco has asked the High Court to declare that the seizure violated his human rights. Barry Gascoyne said that the £5,000 value of the goods was “manifestly disproportionate” to the vehicle’s cost. If his claim is successful, it could have ramifications for Customs and Excise’s policy of seizing cars said the Daily Telegraph.