Cadbury Schweppes may be forced to stop using hydrogenated fat in its confectionery, due to health scares about the ingredient.
In the wake of US food giant Kraft capping its portion sizes, Cadbury is “looking at things that could damage (its) reputation”.
Hydrogenated fat, which is made by mixing hydrogen with vegetable fat to prolong products’ shelf life, is contained in only a few of Cadbury’s confectionery lines, such as Boost, Caramel and Curly Wurly.

Meanwhile, sales of Cadbury’s soft drinks such as Dr Pepper and 7-Up in the US for June are reported to be 4.1% below the same period last year.
According to statistics from the US market research group IRI, 7-Up sales fell by 21.6% compared with a year ago, Dr Pepper fell by 4.9% in June and 3.6% over the last year.
IRI suggested that the decline was due in part to 7-Up losing its place in the Pepsi distribution system and is now being distributed by independent US soft drink bottlers.