Press reports today suggest that Cadbury is to drop its Wispa brand after more than 20 years.
The chocolate bar will be known as Dairy Milk Bubbles as part of a drive to expand the popular Dairy Milk brand.
The paper said Cadbury's Turkish Delight and Caramel chocolate bars are to be renamed and the new versions will be in the shops from August, according to a report in a trade magazine.
Cadbury have been unavailable for comment.

Cadbury is under fire from teacher unions for its government-backed scheme to swap chocolate wrappers for school sports equipment.
The National Association of Head Teachers and Secondary Heads’ Association said that a rebellion by parental watchdog the Food Commission had derailed the £9m scheme.
A spokesman for Cadbury said that more than one school in seven had registered an interest in the scheme, which the company said was launched to “promote a more active lifestyle for children”.

Procter&Gamble has relaunched it fruit drink Sunny Delight as “a healthy alternative” to other children’s drinks.
The Daily Telegraph said P&G had released a study which showed how vitamins added to Sunny D had “significantly” improved child nutrition in Britain.
Parental group, the Food Commission said vitamins and minerals should not be added to children’s “junk food” high in sugar and fat.