The price of our basket has risen again on the back of steep increases in all the main cuts of meat. Overall, the basket is up £1.62 on its February price - the equivalent of 3.3%. Lamb legs posted the largest single rise, of 15%, to hit their most expensive since September 2006. Rump steak was up £0.75 to £8.98 - a 9.1% increase. Pork chops rose 8.3% to £4.05, but bacon and sausages showed no change. NFU chief livestock adviser Peter King said none of these increases had found their way back to farmers. "If retail prices have gone up it's because people in the supply chain are taking a bigger slice of the cake." Chicken breasts also saw a modest rise of 3.7%, again prompted largely by rising feed costs, according to NFU poultry board chairman Charles Bourns. Feed wheat slipped a few percentage points to £91.60/tonne last week, but further rises were expected into May and June. Both the falls recorded this time were on fish products, with salmon steak leading the way. The average price across the big four multiples fell £0.57 (8.2%) due to a hefty promotion at Morrisons stores. The retailer has slashed its price from £6.99/kg to £5.29/kg. At £50.86 the basket still falls short of the record £51.43 set in February this year. But it is 14.3% more expensive than at the same time last year and it cost 10.8% more than in April 2005.