Heavy discounting in the meat and fish category is causing a steady weakening of the basket price, cancelling out gains made by chicken and pork products. Value was sliced off the rump steak market as prices reached their lowest for some time. Rump steak is now £1.24/kg cheaper than it was six weeks ago, with three of the four major retailers selling at below their full price. MLC category development manager Richard Cullen said: "Beef is a prime commodity for rivalry among retailers, and as mince has been done to death, rump steak gives them more scope to gain an advantage. As long as it stays within the normal boundaries it is okay, but I wouldn't want rump steak to become the new mince and become a long-term offer." The total basket value fell 2.1% and is now 3% lower than at this time last year. Bacon continued to rally in response to industry calls for value to be returned to the pork category, with a 16p/pack rise, and pork chops increased 6p/kg. Both chicken breast fillets and whole chicken rose in price again, by 51p/kg and 14p/kg respectively. But breaded cod fell 45p/kg following reductions at three retailers. Lamb legs continued their fall, with heavy discounts contributing to a further 22p/kg drop.