The price of meat is rising, despite promotional activity that has reduced the blow of what would have been even bigger increases. The contents of our regular basket of meat and fish are now 4.6% more expensive than on 8 May, having risen £2.19 in the past six weeks. The latest price rise is the biggest percentage increase since the survey began in January 2005, though the total is still short of the level recorded in February, at £51.43. The basket is 6.5% more expensive than at the same time last year and 5.9% more than two years ago. Fresh rump steak is back to its April figure of £8.98/kg following the end of special offers included in the last survey, creating a £1.87/kg increase across the retailers. Lamb leg joints are also 53p/kg more expensive than in the previous survey, despite being promoted at Sainsbury's and Tesco. Without the offers the increase would have been more marked. Most of the lamb is now coming from the UK, though Asda was still sourcing its meat from New Zealand. Beef steak mince is the only product to incur a major price fall as a result of a promotion by Tesco, which reduced its price from £4.38/kg to £3.50/kg. Asda is alone among the retailers in sourcing its beef steak mince from Ireland. Some of its rump steak is from the same source, while Morrisons has some rump steak that has been sourced from Australia.