The price of our basket of meat and fish has slipped slightly after its record rise in July, but at £50.38 it is still close to its highest ever price. And it is well above the price of the same basket this time last year, which cost only £46.82.

July's hikes to the price of salmon (up £1.72) and lean beef mince (up 46p) remained in place at the start of September, but small falls in beef rump steaks and lamb leg joints brought the basket total back down.

However, they were both due to temporary promotions at single stores, with £1/kg off the price of a leg of lamb in Tesco and £2/kg off rump steak at Asda. And with the Asda promotion ending between the data being gathered and publication, the price of the basket on 2 September would, in fact, set a new record.

Pork chops rose 26p/kg across all four supermarkets we surveyed. Chris Lamb, marketing manager at the MLC, said: "Earlier this summer there was a lot of noise about people recuperating their rising energy costs- that's what this rise is all about. The tight supply situation in Europe has also been a factor, pushing up farmgate pig prices."

The price of breaded cod also rose at Morrisons, putting it well above the average at £7.35/kg.