The price war raging between the retailers on bananas has not been enough to bring down the cost of our basket of fruit and veg.

In the latest survey it rose a healthy 93p, or 8.5%, compared to five weeks ago, following three consecutive falls. It remains well short of its Christmas peak of £13.26 and is just 1p more expensive than at the same time two years ago.

The 17p/kg fall in the price of bananas, from 85p to 68p, has done little to offset a big rise in the price of seedless white grapes. They rose from £1.98/kg to £2.99/kg as supplies made their seasonal switch from Chile and South Africa to India.

Strawberries have also risen in price by 18p for a 227g punnet since the last survey, returning to their normal level after a 22.7% drop in the previous survey. Supplies are beginning to switch over from the Middle East to southern Europe.

A similar switch to European sourcing for cherry tomatoes has seen the price fall instead. They were down 5p to 59p for a 250g pack and they are now at their lowest level since February last year.

Pears fell in price following two consecutive small rises, and onions continued their steady rise, gaining 3p/kg since the last survey, due to poor UK growing conditions. They are now at their highest price since August 2005, and at their equal highest price since the survey began.