The price of our basket of dairy items has fallen 2.2% over the past 10 weeks, making it 4.2% cheaper now than when the survey began on January 4.
There were two price changes, cheese accounting for both. Own-label Blue Stilton is now on average 6.4% cheaper following price falls at two multiples, while own-label mature Cheddar is now on average 1.6% more expensive than in the previous survey, following a rise at one of the four retailers.
Stilton manufacturers will be disappointed at the continuing fall in the price of their product, which fell 1.8% in the last survey and 6.8% in the 10 weeks before that from March 7. It is now 14.3% cheaper than it was in March.
By contrast, the mature Cheddar price has risen for the second survey running, reflecting efforts by farmers and processors to win increases in the price paid to suppliers of milk for cheese. But it seems Stilton has not benefited from this initiative.