The price of our basket of fruit and veg continues to fall and is once again at its lowest level since our survey began in January 2005.
Prices have fallen 8.8% in the past 12 months, and are 0.4% lower than in the last survey on January 16 this year.
Onion prices in particular are on a spiral downwards - they have fallen for the fifth survey in a row and are now at their lowest recorded level. Of the ten items surveyed, seven are cheaper than a year ago.
This comes at time when energy prices are rising and pushing up the cost of production for UK suppliers.
NFU chief horticultural adviser Phil Hudson said: “If retail prices are down the suspicion is that growers’ returns are down, too. For the protected crop sector energy is a major input and this is putting further pressure on margins. The profitability of the industry is being damaged because the industry cannot reinvest, which threatens the viability of the sector.”