The price of our fruit and veg basket continues to fall and is again at its lowest recorded level. Prices have fallen 12.5% since March 21, 2005, and are 4.6% lower than on February 20, the fifth fall in a row.

Strawberries have fallen 49% since the last survey with all four chains introducing large special-offer packs, resulting in a big fall in terms of the price for 227g.

Banana prices accounted for the second-biggest change, with all four retailers reducing their prices following Asda's rollback to 64p from 85p. This represented a price fall of 24.7%, a move blasted by pressure group Banana Link. It said: "Retailers should know from experience that cutting the price of an already cheap food does not bring more business. Two thirds of people who buy bananas cannot say how much they paid."

Pear prices rose 19.8%, cherry tomato prices 12.7% and mushrooms 7.5%.