A price change was registered for seven products this week - five price falls and two rises, amounting to a fall in the total cost of our basket of 1.9%.
The average price of lean beef mince rose 5%, but the price of rump steak fell 4.9% in the past six weeks.
This follows almost identical moves by Asda, Morrisons and Tesco to increase their mince prices by 6.9% and to reduce their rump steak by 6.7%.
The price of breaded cod fell 5%, driven by a price fall at Sainsbury of 5.4%, of 10.6% at Asda and 3.9% at Morrisons. Sainsbury reduced its pork chop price by 23.4%, accompanied by price falls at Morrisons of 2% and Tesco of 4.6%, leading to a net drop of 7.7%.
The price of whole chicken fell 2.5% after a drop of 13.2% at Tesco, countered by a rise of 2.4% at Morrisons.
The average price of lamb legs rose 0.3%, while salmon steaks fell 0.2%.Pricing data supplied by