Price rises for bacon (12.1%), large chicken (4.5%) and chicken breasts (6.9%) come in the wake of pressure from farmers and processors for retailers to increase the price of meat in-store.
Experience in the dairy sector, where a price rise initiative in the spring has been overshadowed by controversy over where the extra money ended up, means farmers will be keeping a close eye on what effect this has on incomes.
Grampian Country Food Group pledged to pass back up to a third of any increase it won from customers to producers, who face soaring energy costs.
Pork chop prices have proved resistant to the initiative, however, and have fallen 2.1%.
And beef prices are under pressure, with mince down 0.8% and steak down 1.5%. Not huge drops, but they reflect surplus levels of cattle on the market at a time when farmers are desperate to see prices rise.