Average prices across the protein sector continue to fall overall despite recent pressure by farmers and processors.
Our basket of meat and fish fell in price this week by 2.5% on four weeks ago, to its lowest level since the first survey was published on January 17. One item rose in the latest survey, four fell and five remained unchanged.
Chicken breast fillets accounted for the biggest price fall, down 12.5%.
There were also price falls for breaded cod (-1.8%), steak (-1.7%) and mince (-0.8%). Both rump steak and mince fell in price for the third month running, and are now 4.8% and 3% cheaper respectively than on June 20, a fact that will dismay British farmers.
But despite concerns among farmers that the market is swamped by South American beef, all of the beef surveyed this week was sourced from the UK except in one instance, when it came from Ireland.