Our basket of meat and fish rose slightly in price this week, by 0.4% on six weeks ago, but remained at its second-lowest level since the survey was first published in January.
The biggest change this month was in chicken prices. Whole chicken fell 8.7% to its lowest level this year, and two retailers reduced the price of chicken breast fillets, though the average price of fillets rose 6.5%, skewed by the end of a 100% extra free promotion at Morrisons. Charles Bourns, chairman of the NFU poultry committee, believed aggressive marketing of chicken among retailers was responsible rather than avian flu stories.
“Sales are holding up well in the retail sector due to strong promotions,” said Bourns.
Peter Bradnock, British Poultry Council chief executive, said the seasonal slowdown in chicken sales as greater quantities of turkey appear on shelves could also be responsible for the changes.