The price of our basket of fruit and veg fell for the third survey in succession, to a level 2.4% lower than it was five weeks ago.

The basket is now 1.3% less expensive than at the same time last year, and 17% cheaper than when the survey began on January 4, 2005.

Own label green bean prices accounted for the biggest fall, down 8.9% since August 14. However, pack size was largely responsible, as neither Asda nor Tesco is now offering a 250g size. Both figures have been calculated using different pack sizes to reach an equivalent price for 250g of product.

Pears provided the second-biggest price fall, following six consecutive price rises. They are now 7.1% cheaper than five weeks ago, but are still 29.7% more expensive than at this time last year.

Supplies are now switching to Portuguese and Dutch fruit from South Africa, and with crop yields of Conference in Europe said to be high and UK fruit size up, prices are expected to continue to fall.

Loose onions fell in price for the second survey running as supplies switched from New Zealand and Spain to the UK. They are now 4.9% cheaper than five weeks ago, but are roughly the same price as at this time last year.

The price of loose mushrooms was 1.9% lower than in the previous survey, the third consecutive price fall. They are now 15.1% cheaper than at this time last year.