Although the price of our basket of fruit and veg recorded its first fall since last summer, only a seasonal change in the country of origin for white seedless grapes prevented the fifth consecutive rise.

The basket is now 14.1% cheaper than it was five weeks ago but with grapes removed from the picture the basket would have recorded a 3.9% increase.

Compared to this time last year, the basket is 3.5% more expensive, 7% more costly than two years ago, but 5.6% cheaper than in January 2005.

The biggest change was in the price of grapes, which fell £2.25/kg as supply moved from Brazil to South Africa. The price is now almost identical to last January.

Own label new potatoes provided the second largest price change. They are now 17p/kg more expensive than five weeks ago, and 25.8% more expensive than at this time last year. Last summer's flooding in parts of the UK contributed to the high price.

Banana prices have recovered partially from the drop from 85p/kg to 68p in the last survey, settling at 77p at all four retailers we surveyed.

Apples and pears rose in price in the latest basket but are less expensive than at this time last year, by 12.5% and 4.2% respectively.

The other major price fall recorded in the latest basket was a 12.1% drop in cherry tomatoes that mirrored an almost identical fall last year.