Sir; In reponse to your article on the rising cost of bread (ADM hike sparks fear of further bread prices, 6 January, p12) in recent weeks the flour millers have been banging on about further flour price rises, blaming the price of the biggest two raw materials ie wheat and power. What I am amazed at is how no one in the press seems to have pointed out that both commodities have dropped in price considerably.

I work as a grain merchant supplying mills in the UK and Europe with wheat and in the past seven weeks wheat prices have fallen 9%. Most of the mills in the UK still have most of their cover for February to August still to take but they won't buy as the UK is still oversupplied with a vintage quality crop and it looks as if the price will fall further.

I would prefer you not to report my name as the mills have a habit of banning suppliers that do not toe the line but I'm sure you will agree it's a point worth mentioning.