This week it is not the winner that is the surprise, but the runner-up. Asda once again offered the cheapest basket, but Tesco has leapt from mid-table for the first time in seven weeks.

Asda had 23 cheapest products, compared with 15 at second-placed Tesco. Cat treats had been rolled back from £1.34 to £1 and The Fruit Factory Fruit Stars were reduced from £1.95 to £1. At three, it didn’t have as many price-only promotions as Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s five apiece, but for sheer consistency Asda could not be beaten.

Tesco’s £58.50, was 4.7% higher than Asda’s, and featured more promotions than any other retailer. Its biggest savers were the fabric conditioner (£2 off) and Canderel (down £1.47). With four other price-only promos, and a 20p reduction in the courgettes, its basket also fell £4.35.

Morrisons was stuck in the middle this week. The £60.13 basket included 10 products on promotion and 13 cheapest items, including the Tilda rice (which was 50% off), the tortilla chips and the McVitie’s cake.

Although Sainsbury’s remained in its usual fourth place, the gap to Morrisons was narrow – just 58p – and it also gave out a coupon for £4.58 off the next shop and a £15 off first online shop if it’s over £60.

Waitrose’s basket, on the other hand, was almost £9 more expensive than Sainsbury’s and over £13 dearer than Asda’s.