It was nip and tuck in this week’s Grocer 33, really.

With a basket of student essentials for freshers’ week, Asda’s £63.19 total was £1.49 cheaper than the £64.68 Morrisons basket; and £1.96 less than Tesco’s £65.15 basket. And though a bit of a gap opened up to the baskets of Sainsbury’s (a £4.07 difference) and Waitrose (£6.22), all of Asda’s rivals came in within Asda’s 10% price guarantee limit.

Accordingly, Asda issued vouchers worth £3.41 (redeemed by our mystery shopper via its website the next day) - a far more generous figure than the vouchers from Tesco (£1.42) and Sainsbury’s (£0.47). (Though the coupon redemptions do not include items that the mystery shopper was unable to buy due to non-availability or not-stockeds.)

Asda’s victory was built on solid EDLP grounds: cheapest on 22 products; and exclusively cheapest on nine - with the penne and red pesto sauce looking like a steal of a student meal; and the pizza also competitively priced.

Second-placed Morrisons offered more promotions than any of its rivals, plus a great deal on the Tortilla chips.

Tesco had particularly strong offers on the tuna, mince and fried rice. Sainsbury’s made a straight play for the student vote on the Pot Noodle. And the cheapest store for Foster’s was Waitrose.