Asda has secured yet another Grocer 33 prices win, bringing its number of total victories this G33 year up to six.

And this week’s winning basket is a belter. At £52.48, Asda’s total basket was nearly £3 cheaper than its closest rival, Morrisons. Asda managed the win despite only having three products on promotion, of which two were price-only promotions. However, it had 10 exclusively cheapest products, vastly more than any of the other retailers.

While Asda comfortably took first place, the battle for second was much more closely fought, with Morrisons beating Sainsbury’s by a mere 25p.

Morrisons only had three exclusively cheapest products, and just one price-only promotion: the Sharwood’s ready meal on offer for just £1.

Sainsbury’s had 15 products on promotion, compared with 13 at Tesco.

Down from last week’s second place, Tesco falls to fourth. The Greene King IPA cost the same at Tesco as at last-placed Waitrose (£1.99), as did the Ryvita Thins (also £1.99).

Overall, the retailers were more evenly matched this week, with Waitrose only 12.8% off the winner - it’s not unusual for it to trail in last by a more significant 20%. Although Waitrose had no cheapest products at all, it did have 12 products on promotion, the third-highest number of our five retailers.