The phased rollout of the new Morrisons loyalty card-cum-discounter price-matching scheme means we have yet to test it out properly (our shop took place in Glasgow), but on the evidence of this week’s basket, it’s miles off the pace, even versus Asda.

Asda’s basket cost a mere £49.64. That’s £11.52 or 18.8% cheaper than the Morrisons basket - despite five exclusively cheapest items. Mind you, no one came even close to matching Asda’s prices this week: its basket was 17.8% cheaper than the next cheapest top five retailer, Tesco; 19.8% cheaper than Sainsbury’s; 21.7% cheaper than Ocado; and 23.3% cheaper than at Waitrose.

How did it do it? Even coming off promotion on the Gallo wine, Asda was still £2 cheaper than most of its rivals. But it wasn’t one or two items that swung it: it was the totality of having 17 exclusively cheapest lines, and being equal cheapest on a further six occasions - despite also featuring nine multibuys.

In the case of Tesco and Sainsbury’s, Asda’s margin of victory meant they were forced to issue almost £10-worth of vouchers - Tesco’s commitment being higher because it matches on own-label products as well as branded ones. It may even have been higher had our shopper been able to shop the full number of items. Presumably, with its new card, Morrisons will soon be stumping up too, albeit in the form of points.