It is back to business as usual in the G33 prices battle. Having come second five weeks in a row, Asda this week clocks up its second successive victory. Is it re-establishing its price dominance?

It beat second-placed Morrisons by £1.27, despite having just one price promotion - on sultana scones.

Asda’s victory was down to its large number of cheapest and exclusively cheapest products (26 and 14 respectively) - more than double its closest rival on both counts.

Highlights included the Cadbury Swirl ice cream at £2.47 - just under 50p cheaper than any of its rivals - and the Nesquik for £1, which was at least 95p cheaper.

Morrisons was a comfortable second. It benefited from having more price promotions than its rivals, including half-price deals on the Quorn steaks and the Richmond sausages.

Sainsbury’s came third, £2.83 behind Morrisons, bolstered by price promotions on the pears and Quorn steaks.

Tesco was in fourth place, just 70p more expensive than Sainsbury’s. It was the only retailer this week to dish out a money-off coupon, worth £1.63.

Waitrose, last as usual, had a basket costing £63.92, making it £7.09 more expensive than first-placed Asda. Its chicken chow mein ready meal was particularly pricey at £3.89 - which was almost £1 more expensive than any of its rivals.