Three months after its last guest appearance in The Grocer 33, Lidl was even cheaper than the top five supermarkets this time.

Its £38.81 winning basket was £7.55 - or 19% - cheaper than nearest rival Asda. In August, Lidl was 15% cheaper. Lidl offered the lowest price on 30 of the 33 products, exclusively so on 26. Its Yorkshire puddings were 51p cheaper than elsewhere, gammon joint £1 cheaper and ham £1.16 cheaper.

Asda issued money-back coupons to the tune of £2.93 in our mystery shop (though it took place the previous week). Its basket was £4.18 cheaper than third-placed Morrisons, and included five cheapest products, with red grapes 29p cheaper than at its nearest rival.

A flurry of coupons from Morrisons included 7,300 Match & More points - not enough to match the £11.73 saved by shopping at Lidl (though, again, there’s a caveat around timing and availability).

Tesco’s £51.74 basket was 33% more expensive than Lidl, but it did have 14 promotions and was cheapest for pesto sauce. It also offered a £2.89 Price Promise coupon and £15 off a £100 shop before 7 December.

A further 72p adrift, Sainsbury’s ran a three for £5 offer on Old Speckled Hen and three for £10 on own-label ¬gammon joints.

Finally, Waitrose’s £56.72 ¬basket was 46% more expensive than Lidl.