tescoe xtra glasgow

Tesco came in £4 more expensive than Asda last week. This time Tesco narrowed the gap… slightly. 

Its total shopping bill of £82.51 was £3.22 more expensive than Asda’s, which was once again the clear leader in price among its traditional supermarket rivals. Still, it was good enough for Tesco to take second place and almost £2 cheaper than Morrisons in third. And our shopper received a £2.58 money-back voucher under Tesco’s Price Promise initiative. 

It was yet another typical week for Asda, which offered the lowest price on 22 of the 33 items on our list, 11 of these exclusively so. There were no standout offers: it was a case of a 10p saving here, 20p there. 

Our Morrisons shopper was also presented with a hefty 3,190 Match & More points, the equivalent of £3.19 as a result of it lagging behind its rivals. 

Conversely our shopper at Sainsbury’s received a mere 26p Brand Match voucher, largely because the scheme only compares branded items against Asda, hence the small voucher despite Sainsbury’s basket being over a fiver more expensive than Asda.

Waitrose was over £10 more expensive than any of its rivals with a total shopping bill of £95.38. Much of the difference was due to the price of the fillet steak - £5 dearer at Waitrose than any of its rivals.