The competition for the big Christmas shop has begun - all the supermarkets have now had the big reveal for their ads. But it’s at the checkout that the war will be won. And Tesco is coming out fighting.

Sure, Asda won, its sixth victory this G33 year. Its £59.55 basket included Twiglets 79p cheaper than at rivals, Aunt Bessie’s honey roast parsnips 69p cheaper and Birds Eye Southern Fried chicken costing only £1 - three of the 11 items that were exclusively cheapest.

In the week that it announced plans to invest £150m in cutting prices, Sainsbury’s was just £2.83 behind Asda - helped by a £1 save on Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza at Sainsbury’s and white potatoes, 25% cheaper than at Asda and 37% cheaper than at Morrisons.

The Morrisons basket was another 81p more expensive. While featuring five exclusively cheapest items, it lagged behind its rivals in others: for example its six pints of semi-skimmed milk were 52p more expensive than anywhere else.

But it’s Tesco’s vouchering that’s most notable: as well as issuing a Price Promise voucher for £3.12 (freshly endorsed by the High Court), it was also running a £5 off your next £40 shop if redeemed by this coming Sunday. That’s vouchers worth £8.12 towards the next shop.

Finally, Waitrose’s £68.81 basket meant less than a tenner separated our shops this week.