Primula cheese maker Kavli is revamping its dips range with a new look and improved recipes in time for the key summer barbecue and picnic season.

The overhauled four-strong Primula dips range, which is being rolled out now, has had all hydrogenated oil removed to give it a healthier edge. It comes in a curvier pot shape and the sleeve has been updated with brighter colours to make the product more appealing to busy shoppers in the impulse sector.

The packs also display serving suggestions to communicate the versatility of the dips, which are also suitable as cooking ingredients.

Last year, Primula dips sales were up 10% to £1.5m, according to internal data from the company, which is supporting the relaunch with press advertising in trade magazines and in-store activity.

Kavli was also planning on extending the range and was currently working on several new flavours, according to a spokesman.