Van den Bergh Foods is flexing £10m of marketing muscle behind Flora pro.activ's arrival on shelf on August 8. The spread, which gained EU approval in June, contains cholesterol lowering plant sterol. Consuming 20g per day is said to reduce cholesterol levels by 10-15% in three weeks. The product will compete with McNeil Industries' Benecol, but VdBF said that head-on competition should not be the main focus. "It's about increasing the number of people aware of the cholesterol issue," said business group director Neil Kimberley. Nevertheless Flora's 35 year health and heart message is likely to be a useful tool, as is the competitive price point ­ £1.95 for 250g. The tub sports a green, white and orange wrapround sleeve complete with Flora logo and advice on healthy eating. Marketing support includes TV, ads in women's, men's and health consumer press, sampling and instore PoS. Flora pro.activ has already been well received in Australia, Switzerland and Brazil, as well as the US under the name Take Control. {{P&P }}