Dogs are the latest unlikely consumer group to be targeted by functional foods, with a probiotic canine snack.

Petfood company Feelwell's has taken inspiration from the current major trends elsewhere in food and drink and has come up with lamb & rice treats, a meat dish.

It claims the product offers the health benefits that the increasingly popular one-a-day drinks give humans.

The product is also rich in Omega-3 and 6 and wheat and gluten free, as well as hypo-allergenic.

The catfood market is also getting sophisticated innovation with the launch this month of Olli single serve meals from Butcher's Pet Care.

The company is claiming a UK first with its new product, a meal that can eaten straight from the dish to avoid mess and uses anti-slip packaging technology so the cat can't push the dish around the floor.

The launch is the latest in a line of catfood new product development for this year. Iams is currently rolling out nationally its first wet pouches range, which comes in seven varieties for kittens and cats.