Procter & Gamble has told a host of its suppliers they must do better in cutting their environmental impact.

The fmcg giant warned almost one in 10 of its suppliers they risked losing business from the company if they failed to reduce their impact on the environment.

Around 40 of the 482 companies were rated on P&G’s sustainability scorecard received the lowest possible score, based on their emissions, water usage and waste. By contrast, just 17 companies achieved the highest possible score.

P&G told The Grocer it would be holding meetings with the companies concerned to talk about how they could make improvements.

“We will go and talk to them and try to help them,” said P&G global sustainability director Peter White. “This is about trying to drive improvements and we will work with our suppliers to see what they can do better.”

P&G also revealed it plans to make available the software for the scorecard free of charge to rival suppliers, so they can seek to make similar measure to improve their supply chains’ eco credentials.

“We’re taking every step we can to help others make their supply chain more sustainable,” said Larry Loftus, lead designer of the scorecard. “We believe we have a useful process and tools, and we want others to benefit from that.”