British growers are confident the constricting supply of seasonal labour will not result in a shortage of fresh produce this season.

The Home Office confirmed last month that it will not be altering its stance that horticultural producers should be able to recruit enough staff from within the EU. But the likelihood of fruit being left to rot in the fields was rejected by Christine Lumb, executive director of labour provider Concordia, who said this season's supply looks to be safe.

It could be another year before the shortages hit home, she added.

One large fruit grower said shortages of production were not likely to affect retail sales this season.

"Availability of labour is a key point for the next 12 months, but I won't be adjusting cropping yet," he said.

Philip Hudson, chief horticultural adviser at the National Farmers' Union, said it was too early to say if there will be a shortage of produce coming through.