Batchelors High Protein Smokey Spanish Bean Casserole

batchelors smokey bean casserole

Who: Premier Foods

What: Batchelors Hight Protein Smokey Spanish Bean Casserole

Where: Ambient ready meals/meal centres

How much: £1.80/270g

Why: Brands across numerous categories continue to innovate to satisfy consumer demand for protein-rich options. This product is part of a range of microwaveable snack meals, which also aims to be a low-fat source of fibre. Other variants include Moroccan Chickpea Tagine, Peruvian Style Quinoa and Mexican Bean Chilli with Beef.

Consumer verdict: Despite the healthy positioning and Spanish-style recipe, our consumers didn’t engage with the product pre-trial, saying the packaging was “cheap looking”. After testing, below average scores were recorded across all key measures except health, with 69% claiming they would “never” buy the product. Triallists said the meal was “too processed” and “expensive”, with a “strange aftertaste”. The overall verdict was 11 points below the category norm, and almost all our shoppers believed there were better alternatives available.

Pre-trial purchase: 8%

Post-trial purchase: 6%

Better than what’s out there: 4%

New and different: 37%

Overall score: 20/50