Birds Eye Stir Your Senses Risotto Primavera

bird's eye risotto primavera

Who: Birds Eye

What: Stir Your Senses Risotto Primavera

Where: Frozen vegetarian products

When: September 2015

How much: Rsp £2 for 350g

Why: When Birds Eye launched its frozen Stir Your Senses range last year, it was looking to reverse a 42.2% drop in ready meal sales to £14.2m and pump new life into a category down 6.2% to £358.4m at the time. The brand has since made inroads with the single-serve Stir Your Senses line-up, which saw sales of £7.8m in its first year [Nielsen 52 w/e 3 January 2016]. The eight variants are pan-cooked from frozen in eight to 10 minutes and offer ‘quick fuss-free cooking’.

Consumer verdict: Our consumers were impressed with the “eye-catching” and “healthy looking” packaging, as well as the concept of having a quick and convenient freezer standby. The “generous” mushroom content, “fresh” taste and “creamy” texture all won praise, though some disliked the “excessive” garlic content and complained of a “stodgy, sloppy” consistency - a common criticism of risotto-style dishes. Although 17% described the dish as not for them, more than half deemed it a good standby or midweek meal.

Pre-trial purchase: 45%

Post-trial purchase: 51%

Better than what’s out there: 40%

New and different: 62%

Overall score: 39/50