Finest Orkney Crab Pâté

tesco orkney crab pate

Who: Tesco

What: Finest Orkney Crab Pâté

Where: Patés/spreads/sandwich fillings

How much: Rsp £1.50 for 113g

Why: Crab is on the up, having risen in value sales in the chilled channel by 11.8% during Easter according to market data from Seafish, the seafood industry organisation, which credits the growth to more people rejecting meat for reasons of health and ethics. This product - a blend of crab, soft cheese, lemon juice and cream - is a likely choice for those same consumers when shopping for a premium savoury spread during summer’s picnic season

Consumer verdict: The familiar Finest pack design was regarded by our panel of consumers as “smart and classy” and the crab attracted a good level of pre-trial interest. Served on crackers, the product polarised opinions regionally. In the South, the “subtle flavours” and “smooth, light texture” were complimented, whereas in the North there was criticism of the “bland” taste and “sloppy” consistency. More than half of testers agreed the pâté brought something new to the category, but one quarter was adamant it was not for them and they would be unlikely to buy.

Pre-trial purchase: 33%

Post-trial purchase: 38%

Better than what’s out there: 32%

New and different: 52%

Overall score: 33/50