I Am Souper - Pulled Pork & Jalpeños

i am souper

Who: I Am Souper

What: Pulled Pork & Jalpeños

Where: Ambient liquid soups

When: March 2015

How much: Rsp £1.49 for 398g

Why: The demand for convenient, protein-rich products remains high, and this low-fat soup with 4.7g of protein per 100g is targeted at busy, health-conscious consumers. It was launched by Fresh Marketing in an attempt to revive an ambient soup category in long-term decline; sales fell 2% last year to £400.2m, on volumes down 3.7% [Nielsen 52 w/e 17 October 2015].

Consumer verdict: The quirky branding and ­stylish packaging would get this product noticed in-store, said our consumer panellists, though the price point, at the top end for ambient soup, may have inhibited initial likelihood to buy. There was a disappointing response to appearance and aroma, but the soup was praised for its “thick”, substantial texture, with plenty of whole beans and a pleasant “spicy” flavour. There was little evidence of the pork content in the flavour profile, but the soup offered a “wholesome”, filling and healthy eat.

Pre-trial purchase: 25%

Post-trial purchase: 44%

Better than what’s out there: 46%

New and different: 88%

Overall score: 37/50