Kellogg’s Coco Pops Crispy Granola

coco pops granola

Who: Kellogg’s

What: Kellogg’s Coco Pops Crispy Granola

Where: Cereal

How much: £3/380g

Why: Kellogg’s launched Coco Pops Crispy Granola early this year to tap parents’ demand for healthier breakfasts for their children. The clusters of puffed rice and wholegrain oats with wheat cereal shapes had the lowest sugar level of any Coco Pops product, the supplier said - 18g of sugar per 100g, or 10% less than regular Coco Pops. It is part of a ready to eat cereal range in 1.6% value growth [IRI 17 June 2017].

Consumer verdict: Even with the on-pack nutritional benefits, our testers awarded a below-norm mean score for health. Some also expressed concerns about the price. However, the “bright”, “fun” format was deemed to be more practical and modern than a cardboard box, and would appeal to consumers of all ages. The cereal, meanwhile, was “surprisingly nice” and “crispy”. It was “very chocolatey” and didn’t go soggy easily. Nevertheless, mean scores for taste and texture were only average for the category, and the overall mark was six below the norm.

Pre-trial purchase: 31%

Post-trial purchase: 35%

Better than what’s out there: 38%

New and different: 75%

Overall score: 35/50